Wi-fi Motion Sensor


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Make Your Home React to Motion. Smart, Huh?


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Receive Push Notifications
when motion is detected

Meet the Wi-Fi Motion Sensor. It lets you know when motion is detected at home. Pair it with Wi-Fi Smart Plugs to do amazing things around your home.

How it works?

Easy to set-up in three steps


Plug in your Wi-Fi Motion Sensor



Press the WPS button to connect to your home network.




Know what's happening at home


Watch Wi-Fi Motion Sensor Working


The Possibilities Are Endless

Add Wi-Fi Smart Plugs to other rooms, your work place, or a vacation home.

Devices That React to You?
That's Homeazing

Imagine opening your door after a night out. The lights turn on and your favorite song begins to play. Magic? Nope. When you pair your Wi-Fi Motion Sensor with a Wi-Fi Smart Plug, your home reacts to you in amazing ways.

When Something’s Moving, You’ll Know

Get push or text notifications on your smartphone when motion is detected at home. But it’s what you can do next that’s really exciting.

Smart Devices comes with
even smarter app

mydlink Home App

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive
  • Customizable


Free app for iOS and Android

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Automate the places in your home that are important to you - front door, kitchen, bedroom