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DPH-70L VoIP Dial-up Phone with LCD, SIP

This product is End of Sale
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The DPH-70L is an advanced easy-to-use next generation IP Phone in the D-Link range, built to provide complete functionality of normal telephones as well as full featured IP Phones. It provides a friendly telephone interface to make normal telephone calls and VoIP calls with toll-quality voice and industry standard SIP services for VoIP calls.


  • Low Cost IP Phone with Look,Feel, and Operation like a Normal PSTN Phone
  • Works with all ISP, ITSP, Hard & Soft IP Phones Hands free, Speakerphone Support. Make multiple calls without having to reconnect to the Internet each time
  • LCD Interface for easy configuration
  • Intelligent selection of codec (G.723 or G.729A)
  • Standard Based (SIP) Design
  • Phone lock option
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