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DV-600S D-View 6.0 Network Management Software, Standard Version

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D-Link's Professional Network Management Software is tailored for networks with up to 1000 nodes and facilitates the central administration of a network with various SNMP-enabled devices


  • Auto-generates network topology maps and periodically polls network devices
  • Creates detailed network schematics
  • Graphically represents real-time status of devices
  • Supports client-server architecture (Professional Version only)
  • Supports Batch Configuration and is capable of configuring multiple devices at a time
  • Manages Wireless Switches, Access Points and NetDefend products such as IPS and UTM firewalls*
  • Supports multiple, concurrent administrators
  • Customizable trap messages for user readability and additional information
  • Trap/Alarm notification by e-mail and sound
  • MIB Complier and Browser for easy management of third-party devices under the same platform
  • SNMPv3 support for major MIBs
  • Database supporting familiar Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access formats
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