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DGS-6604 Chassis Switch Series

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The D-Link’s DGS-6600 series chassis-based switches are intelligent and high-performance multi-layer LAN devices designed for Enterprise local area networks (LAN).


  • Flexible Modular Design :
    4-slot chassis, Scalable expansion to 144,10/100/1000BASE-T, 144 PoE, 144 SFP, or 48 10-Gigabit ports
  • Superior Performance :
    Switch fabric with up to 576 Gbps, 428.57 Mpps non-blocking packet forwarding Bottleneck-free distributed packet switching/routing Intelligent line cards with on-board L2/L3/L4 switching controllers
  • High Resiliency :Up to 4 redundant load-sharing power modules ,Hot-swappable line cards,Replaceable fan module,802.1D/w/s spanning tree, 802.3ad link aggregation,VRRP support
  • Quality of Service :
    802.1p priority queues/multi-layer CoS,Committed information rate
  • Security :
    L2/L3/L4 multi-layer access control,External RADIUS authentication support,SSH support
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