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Power to Perform! End-to-end PoE Solutions from D-Link

Why is PoE so important to today's Ethernet networks?
The benefits of PoE are numerous from both a network efficiency standpoint as well as a cost standpoint. Any sized organization can enjoy the benefits of integrating Power over Ethernet into their network designs.

Consider some of the following benefits:

PoE Meets Wireless Switching
D-Link now offers unified wireless switching solutions that take advantage of power-over-ethernet to simplify deployment of 'thin' access points to facilitate centralized AP management. For a cost effective alternative D-Link has introduced the DES-1228P PoE wireless smart switch.

Flexible and More Efficient Network Designs
With PoE, the constraint of having AC power outlets is eliminated. With PoE support, you can place PoE-enabled network equipment such as VoIP phones, wireless access points, and IP cameras where you want!

Simplified, Faster, and Lower Cost Installations
Budgets and schedules are no longer at the mercy of paying for and coordinating the installation of AC power outlets for networked equipment. As a result, network installations can be accomplished easier, faster, and for less cost.

Eases and Accelerates Adds, Moves, and Changes or Temporary Deployments
Network adds, moves, and changes can be accomplished faster with PoE-enabled switches. Now you have new employees or employees moving cubicles, up and running in minutes, instead of days. PoE can facilitate temporary network deployments like mobile offices, mobile classrooms, tradeshows, or meetings by eliminating the need for the installation of additional power to support networking devices.

Enables Centralized Power Management
No more network downtime due to weather conditions. PoE infrastructures enable centralized power management capabilities for your mission critical network devices. In a power outage critical networking devices like VoIP phones and IP security cameras will become inoperable unless they are protected by a UPS with battery backup. With PoE, a single, centrally managed UPS can be used to supply backup power to your PSE equipment. All the distributed PD networking devices can then receive battery-backed power even in power outages.

Save money by not having to deploy technicians onsite to manage remote shutdowns. Managing a PoE-enabled LAN switch via a web browser or by SNMP, remote networking devices can be easily reset or shut down saving the time and expense of dispatching a technician.

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