D-Link At Interop

"D-Link had everything we needed to complete the solution for the demo and integrate it all from the same source. We're one of the few vendors that provide a true end-to-end solution." - Joe Melfi , Technical Marketing Engineer, D-Link Systems

D-Link Demonstrates End-To-End Video Surveillance Solution at Interop 2008

The Challenge
D-Link Systems, based in Fountain Valley, CA showcased another of its product synergies during this year's Interop show, which took place in The Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 27 to May 2. Interop is the leading global business technology event for networking products, bringing together IT and business leaders to learn about practical business solutions in the most comprehensive educational program available to the IT market. Approximately 20,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors converged at Interop Las Vegas.

"We needed to create a setup that could be used to showcase multiple products such as the IP network cameras, storage area networks, and switches," said Dino Khoe, Senior Network Engineer at D-Link Systems. "We wanted to demo a server connected to the storage area networks to record streaming video from the cameras and then show how the DViewCam 2.0 software can manage up to 32 cameras simultaneously."

The products that are needed to make up the end-to-end surveillance solution include:

  • High resolution IP networked cameras with pan, tilt, zoom for flexible surveillance applications
  • Flexible camera management software for controlling and recording
  • 1Gigabit managed switch with PoE, VLANs, LAG, security
  • iSCSI enterprise network storage - 15 Terabytes or more
  • Business-class server

Physical security was a hot topic at Interop. Other topics of interest include storage, green IT, unified communications, VoIP, wireless and mobility, and virtualization. According to Joe Melfi, Technical Marketing Engineer at D-Link Systems, "Interop 2008 was a great stage to demonstrate D-Link's end-to-end video surveillance solutions because there is a strong interest from the visitors to see technology in action through demonstrations. Furthermore, issues of integration and interoperability are important when considering the purchase of a new product or technology."

The Solution
The end-to-end video surveillance solution demonstration comprised of the following:

D-Link's end-to-end video surveillance solution includes IP network cameras for image/video capture, storage area networks for video recording and playback, managed PoE switches, NICs, intelligent surveillance software for controlling and recording. "D-Link had everything we needed to complete the solution for the demo and integrate it all from the same source. We're one of the few vendors that provide a true end-to-end solution," said Melfi.

The main goal of displaying cameras in a server environment using D-Link SANs was accomplished. The D-Link solution allows recording large amounts of data, as would be required for multiple cameras over long schedules. Due to limited physical space in the booth, only 16 IP network cameras were used in the demo instead of the 32 that can be supported by D-ViewCam 2.0.

"Visitors at the show were happy with the results. The IP network cameras are certified with OnSSI's (On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc.) surveillance software." Other intelligent surveillance software that D-Link's cameras are certified with include Milestone and Video Insight.

D-Link's SAN systems are typically employed for high-volume, large file size back-up and recovery scenarios. Files from multiple locations are aggregated, managed, and backed up from one central location. Files can be securely accessed anywhere, at any time, enabling faster response, investigation, and resolutions of incidents. D-Link SAN products are very cost-effective storage solutions for the demands of an SMB or enterpriseclass surveillance solution. During Interop Las Vegas, D-Link demonstrated its product synergies with a server connected to the storage area network to record streaming video from the cameras and then show how the D-ViewCam 2.0 software can manage up to 32 cameras simultaneously.

D-Link offers a wide range of IP surveillance solutions designed for the needs of SMB and enterprise markets. D-Link helps hundreds of organizations to monitor their premises including, parking structures, parking lots and driveways, gymnasiums, cafeterias and restaurants, receptionist areas, corridors, and warehouses across the world document incidents, enhance safety, and monitor valuable assets. D-Link's video surveillance solutions allow users to monitor, store and archive video, audio, and associated application data over the Internet or private intranets.

D-Link's video surveillance solutions have proven their value in a wide range of applications and is a main alternative to traditional analog CCTV and DVR systems in terms of flexibility, performance, and cost considerations. Because of its high scalability, use of existing IP infrastructure, high security encryption, high image quality, advanced features such as digital zoom, and remote accessibility, D-Link's end-to-end video surveillance solutions are becoming the preference over analog camera solutions to send automated alerts and record video when security events occur, record to low cost disk storage, index and search-enable archived video and audio, flexibly adjust to handle different schedules, personnel alerts, device alerts, and granular event triggers.

Key benefits of D-Link's end-to-end video surveillance solution include:

  • completely integrated and proven
  • certified with leading video surveillance software
  • single source of support
  • full line of IP cameras and switches
  • price performance leading IP storage