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WhitePapers List - Storage

10GbE Switching

This white paper explains 10GbE solutions for fiber optic links as well as copper, summarizes market drivers, examines some of the more common applications, and details D-Link's 10GbE local area and wide area solutions.

D-Link@Work Solutions

D-Link@Work end-to-end connectivity solutions are proven choices for the expanding network switching, network security, IP telephony, network storage and wireless networking needs of growing SMB.

D-Link Green

This whitepaper offers a general overview of the green computing movement, the regulations and standards that are driving change, and specific D-Link solutions for adhering to energy consumption standards and enabling more flexible, less environmentally taxing work.

D-Link IP SAN Solutions Deliver Built-In Continuous Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

This white paper describes the challenges facing organizations that are increasingly exposed to data loss risk and offers an overview of D-Link's integrated hardware/software solutions. Our partnership with Software Pursuits allows us to offer SureSync replication technology on D-link products. As a result, our customers enjoy real-time data replication for immediate disaster recovery (DR) and continuous data protection (CDP) at a cost much lower than traditional fail-over solutions.

Network Storage

This white paper explores today's network storage challenges, defines common network storage terms, compares technologies, and provides a brief introduction to D-Link's storage solutions.

Network Video Recorders

This white paper describes the new opportunities available to organizations that deploy NVRs, the technology involved, and the features typical in modern NVR solutions.

Storage Virtualization for SMB

This white paper discusses storage virtualization for backup, data recovery, and archiving for SMBs. It also highlights how our DSN solutions are an effective solution for the SMB market.


The D-Link xStack Storage products provide a very cost-effective way for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to meet their growing storage needs. The combination of iSCSI and SATA technology creates an easy to deploy, affordable solution that brings Storage Area Networking within reach of SMBs.


This solution brief provides an overview of the storage needs for small to medium-sized businesses and discusses a number of D-Link Storage Solutions that will meet these needs.