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WhitePapers List - Broadband

10GbE Switching

This white paper explains 10GbE solutions for fiber optic links as well as copper, summarizes market drivers, examines some of the more common applications, and details D-Link's 10GbE local area and wide area solutions.

3G Mobile Router

D-Link 3G Mobile Routers enable secure 802.11g wireless networks anywhere with cellular data coverage. The D-Link Mobile Router family of products support all three major 3G data standards.

D-Link's Distributed Network Architecture (DNA)

This brief offers an overview of D-Link's Distributed Network Architecture (DNA), including how DNA works, its features and benefits, and a list of available DNA switches.

Leveraging 3G Cellular Technology with Mobile Routers

This white paper details the differences between traditional Cable/DSL broadband connections, their extension through 802.11 Wi-Fi technology and emerging 3G cellular access.

The New Converged Network

This solution brief describes the network-related challenges facing information workers, the business case for converged networks, evolving IP convergence solutions, and specific D-Link solutions for network convergence.