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WhitePapers List - Wireless

3G Mobile Router

D-Link 3G Mobile Routers enable secure 802.11g wireless networks anywhere with cellular data coverage. The D-Link Mobile Router family of products support all three major 3G data standards.

Business Class 802.11n - Ready to Deploy

This white paper explores 802.11n technology and applications, while offering business leaders a solid educational foundation for making wireless deployment and purchasing decisions.

D-Link@Work Solutions

D-Link@Work end-to-end connectivity solutions are proven choices for the expanding network switching, network security, IP telephony, network storage and wireless networking needs of growing SMB.

D-Link IP SAN Solutions Deliver Built-In Continuous Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

This white paper describes the challenges facing organizations that are increasingly exposed to data loss risk and offers an overview of D-Link's integrated hardware/software solutions. Our partnership with Software Pursuits allows us to offer SureSync replication technology on D-link products. As a result, our customers enjoy real-time data replication for immediate disaster recovery (DR) and continuous data protection (CDP) at a cost much lower than traditional fail-over solutions.

Draft 802.11n

Small businesses that are considering wireless to expand network coverage and add connectivity and flexibility need to consider new draft 802.11n wireless equipment.

Leveraging 3G Cellular Technology with Mobile Routers

This white paper details the differences between traditional Cable/DSL broadband connections, their extension through 802.11 Wi-Fi technology and emerging 3G cellular access.

Managing Wireless AP Environments

This white paper examines the business challenges inherent to WLAN management and offers a brief look at D-Link’s AP Manager II.

Network Video Recorders

This white paper describes the new opportunities available to organizations that deploy NVRs, the technology involved, and the features typical in modern NVR solutions.

Wireless Switching

This white paper examines existing Wi-Fi challenges and explores the numerous security advances and manageability enhancements that wireless switch technologies provide.